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A brand new day at the lagoonThey waddled right to the tripod begging for foodend of 2010 after the first strong rains came....What's wrong with this?this is what is left of the shower service promised to the surfersWhat's wrong with this? Who serves whom?What's wrong with this?what's wrong with this?this pile of abandoned sand has been on the path to the bridge for over a year!False assessment: Theory planing and real needs that don't matchWhat's wrong with this?Malibu Lagoon new parking lot. After years of planing......Malibu Lagoon, the parking lot next to PCHnow instead of a shower you have a trash canWhat a plan! If they demonstrated over many years, they can not properlyShot at  Malibu Lagoon, January 25, 2011DSC_8426after a little chat with the ranger lady in her car...invited her to the partyWest side marsh exchanging it's water at low tideThis is supposed to be bulldozed out as "unnatural".

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