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Susan Krevitt(non-registered)
Dear Klaus!

EVERYtime I watch your love of the ocean, of photography, of nature, of sharing through your inspired photos such as
these I almost want to cry. I feel so lucky to see and to feel the waves, the happy flight of the birds, the brilliant sunrises and sunsets. Images of the wonders of the natural world are, to me, a message from the divine, so obviously trying to lift us out
of the mess presented to us in the newspaper and television, the internet, all that is sordid and sad....and my faith in good
is renewed, refreshed!

Thank you!!!!! :<))))))

Oh, and p.s: I tried to pick some special ones...#s 19, 29 32, 34, 36 37, 47, 51, 52...but it is ... hopeless!
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