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FlamingoRiding the waves, migrating SouthYellowstone, Wyoming unaware herd of Elk,  moving in the same direction, as a fast running pack of wolfs coming  in, still a mile awayYellowstone, Wyoming 2010taken at the Malibu LagoonPeru, high in the Andes....he stole my hat!at sunset, where I livethe food outlook postSta Cruz Island wild foxYellowstone National Park, spring 2010 "Suddenly the wind opened a window for us"streching the fishing pouchOctober on Sanibel Island, Floridaaround Sta Cruz Island, PacificAct 1The Never Lasting Trailgot it!The Storm is cominga closer look, at the instant of the landingAntelope stretching up to get a better view.Contemplating a pair of Pelicans, gliding in the sunrise glow

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Susan Krevitt(non-registered)
These ... PHOTOGRAPHS are so totally stunning, it really is impossible to put into words
our reactions to them. We cannot imagine how you could capture them, get the best compositions
possible, wonderful backgrounds, perfect detail, color, mood...all of it!!

We feel very privileged to be able to enjoy these, especially on our large screen iMac computer.

What a world, and how really fine it is to have met you, Klaus, and to be able to enjoy your fantastic art!
Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Roland and Sue Krevitt
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